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university of washington nursing school requirementsUniversity of Washington School of Nursing is a very serious institution that requires their nursing students to complete science courses, which include the chemistry, inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry. Students also need to complete the biology, biological structure, nutrition, nursing and many others to complete their education.

Things to be Aware of on University of Washington Nursing Program

  • Completion of the courses: Completion of the biology and chemistry courses is recommended before applicants start to enroll in microbiology. The nursing programs require students to have minimum of 100 hours of health care experience to apply. They also need to have leadership experience and community service. A recommendation letter is required to apply for any program including University of California Nursing Programs.
  • Preparing for the major: All interested students must check the online information presentation for more details.
  • Sites to visit: It is essential to read the mission statement of the school of nursing program.
  • General advice: Nursing programs f.e. CNA training programs are competitive and students must need to take the exam in NCLEX, which nurses graduates take to become a registered nurse. College graduates can finish their degree in the school.

Transfer Students

Each transfer applicant is reviewed holistically and thoroughly. Start your journey with taking a look at factors that being use in reviewing candidates application. Many students complete their 1st two years at community college and then they transfer to University of Washington in completing the bachelor’s degree. For requirements, all transfer candidates need to demonstrate minimum level of preparation in 6 subject areas. Applicants need to pay the application fee and to write personal statement with goal of writing a comprehensive narrative essay that outline important aspects of applicant personal and academic history. Applicants need to submit ACT or SAT score, official transcript of record and English language proficiency.

Freshman Students

When it comes to freshman admission, it is selective that is why each application will be reviewed holistically and thoroughly. Applicants must need to show level of preparation is six subject areas which is called as CADRs. The program check out your course work, complete application requirement and settle the application fee. In your personal statement, you need to tell about yourself, send your ACT or SAT scores and English language proficiency. There is no need to send your transcript of record and letters of recommendation.

International Students

The University of Washington attracts student body and they have about 10% undergraduates coming outside US. All transfer and international students need to submit English proficiency test scores. For ACT and SAT scores, it is not required for international applicants. In addition, candidates need to settle the application fee and to submit a personal statement that tells about them through well-written and thoughtful essay. For international students, the program does not consider recommendation letters and other supplementary materials. When it comes to transcript of record, you need to review the online application of the program.

Post-Baccalaureate Students

The applicants need to choose their academic goal or major. It is also essential that they know about the deadlines in submitting their application. Applicants need to pay the non-refundable fee. For the statement of purpose, candidates need to read the details on the site of the program so that they know how to write the SoP. The official transcript of record is also needed to submit.

If you want to apply to University of Washington nursing school, be sure that you know what the requirements you need to submit are. It is important that you have a complete application to be considered in the program. If you still need more information, you can visit the site of the program anytime.

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