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Certified Diabetes Education or CDE is a health professional possessing comprehensive knowledge and experience in diabetes prevention, management and pre-diabetes. They are supporting and educating people that are affected by diabetes in managing and understanding the condition.

Facts You Didn’t Know about a CDE Certification

  • CDE is promoting self-management in order to achieve treatment and individualized behavioral goals optimizing health outcomes. The certification examination is intended and designed for health professionals having responsibilities as defined by the NCBDE.
  • NCBDE was established in the year 1986 and it is an independent organization promoting interests of diabetes educators as well as public by giving certification to qualified healthcare professionals that is involved in teaching people with diabetes.
  • CDE certification gives chance to qualified healthcare professionals to practice what they have learned. It gives them the opportunity to do more and excel on their chosen profession.
  • Diabetes educator certification is important to master application and knowledge associated to the specialty. The certification requires the person to have accrued professional practice experience. It is only intended for health professionals having responsibilities, which include direct provision of the DSME.
  • Eligibility
  • Individual assessment as well as education plan that are developed collaboratively by the educator and the person to direct selection of appropriate educational interventions as well as self-management support strategies.
  • Educational interventions that is directed toward helping persons to achieve self-management goals
  • Periodic evaluations in determining attainment of educational objectives and future reassessments
  • Personalized follow-up plan that is developed collaboratively by educator and individual for ongoing self-management support
  • Documentation in education record of education plan and assessment as well as outcomes and intervention
  • For diabetes educator who has not yet passed or taken the Examination or for people whose CDE credentials expired, it is necessary to complete number of requirements. Here is an overview of the requirements needed:
  • Meet the licensure or discipline requirement
  • Obtain minimum professional practice experience giving DSME
  • Obtain minimum continuing education hours
  • Apply as well as pay application fee

Piece of Advice from Expert

diabetes educator certificate requirements“The very first thing you need to do is to be consistent in reviewing your resources as well as testing process. It is important to find a study partner so that you will not be alone and have more energy to review. You also need to register and schedule your exam as early as possible. And don’t forget to take review course in order to help you to know more details” Ammo Kowolik

Getting a study guide with materials needed as well as practice questions will help you more whether you’re applying for CDE or CBCN certification. You need to take a review course even though you know some content, you are not yet completely prepared that is why you need to look for all materials you need. If you have money, it is better to purchase study material guide.

To have diabetes educator certificate for your nursing specialization, you need to do your best. You should not just take the exam without reviewing and knowing all the requirements. It is important that you are completely prepared so that you can deal with the certification exam.

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